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CD cover designers, design great CD covers because they know how important a CD cover design is for an artist and how it acts as a first impression of an artists music. Its important for artists to realize how important it is to have a professionally designed CD cover. A CD cover expresses the views of the artist as well as packages the art, so that its noticeable by the public.

The number one place where your CD cover  will be evaluated and judged are record stores. When someone walks into a CD store, do you see the music first? No, you dont see music you only hear it, but you do see CD covers. One CD cover will catch your attention and then you will want to listen to it.

Back a few decades ago before record stores had the listening booths; to give you the option to listen to the music before you would buy it; you would have to choose what to purchase by what you know about the artist and the aesthetic value of the product. Just like movie posters, before there were movie previews, those posters had to be amazingly convincing to the public. Especially when it comes to an independent artist, the number one thing is image. Take major artist for instance, they use professional CD cover designers because that's what works and that's what sales!

Just like when you walk into a nightclub and you see someone you think looks hot, you don't say hey look there's someone over there that has a great personality, no you say hey there's someone over there that looks hot and you approach them and find out there personality. Same with a CD cover, you see a hot CD cover in the record store and your like wow, this looks hot I'm going to take a listen.

Everyone these days thinks that their graphic designer or that their cousin is a graphic designer just because these graphic design programs are so easy to access. One of your cousins or neighbors might design a CD cover that is really creative and is designed great, but they still don't have the skills to change the technical side of the process. The CD cover must look good digitally so it can be laid out for the press (for duplication) and these people don't know how to do this. Then the CD cover must get printed out professionally because if it doesn't the colors wont come out clear like they should, and the whole CD cover will look like crap.

When you hire a professional CD cover designer, you will be paying a little more but you're getting what you pay for. You're paying for a professional graphic designer that can create a professional CD cover and give you that professional image you and your music deserve. Its just like if your going to pay for some rusty bet now car just because its cheaper. It will still get you from A to B, but what kind a class do you want to be in? Do you want to get from A to B faster in a nicer car because it makes you look and feel better? Well you should, because you're inside that car and that's what surrounds you and its a reflection of you. So therefore if you put a CD cover on your music that looks like shit you're saying your music sounds like shit.

A lot of people don't like to spend a lot of money on CD covers, because they say they cant afford it. But they constantly go out and spend money on rims for their car and alcohol for their parties, and they keep doing this to make themselves better and sometimes they even work another job so they can afford to buy all these extra things. It really doesn't make since why some artists would complain about spending money on there music, something that they should be serious about, but then they don't even think twice about spending money on their cars and clothes. Even if your spending 1,000 dollars on a CD cover its worth it, if its not worth it for you music then your not serious about your music. An artists CD cover and music will be around forever, those rims wont be. If you don't want to spend your money on a CD cover then why put your music out. If you want to do music for a hobby then do it for a hobby, if you want to do music for a business treat it like a business. As an artist your talents are priceless, but by saving time going straight to the professional graphic designers that value your talent and their CD covers and graphic art, they can visually describe your music on a phenomenal CD cover, that will essentially be priceless for your career. It all comes now to whether or not as an artist, you wants to approach their career in the right way, with the right people.

CD covers were a little simpler a few decades ago, not to say that they were bad, because there were several legendary CD covers that were created. Such as the Pink Floyd CD cover with the prism and the light shining on the front, that cover will burn in your mind forever, for that time period Pink Floyds CD cover, along with many more, were great so great that people still remember them. These days people are apt to use more graphics and airbrushing, and back then artists mostly used nice photos and simple lettering. As time progressed different changes came around, such a more elaborate graphic designs and detailed effects. Now a day there's a lot more competition between artists and their music, and there's a huge demand to get noticed more than another person. Back then to be a musician you had to be traveling and promoting to build a fan base and now days anyone can put their song on the internet and they will be considered a musician.

I cant stress enough how important it is to have a professional design your CD cover. If you take the chance and decide not to have a professional CD cover designer create you a CD cover you are jeopardizing your career. Even if you music is great and your production is sold, and your mastering is immaculate, and you can perform great, if you have a crappy CD cover people are going laugh.

The public can see and feel the art on a CD cover; it will compel them to want to know more about the artist. Its just the same thing, when someone sees an appealing poster or billboard that attracts to want to know more. As an artist you don't have much time to capture the publics attention especially when it comes to CD covers.

Your CD cover must stand out from the rest and explain who the artist is and what the music is about. If an artist wants to get there music conveyed, especially independent artists its important that you take your image seriously. If you're an independent artist and you send your demo tape to a record label and the CD cover looks horrible its automatically going to reflect on your music before its even listens to it. Independents also need to realize that the music industry is a serious business and its important to get noticed by anybody possible because that's what is going to help up your fan base.

As an artist you have two choices, one you can package your CD cover using a professional CD cover designer or two you can do it in a crappy way by having someone that doesn't know what their doing.

By making the choice to use a professional graphic designer, you are making the choice to advertise your music and yourself in the most efficient way possible.

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